Our tankers are used primarily to deliver soybean oil produced by Zeeland Farm Services to our customers.

We have a fleet of food grade tankers and full-time tanker truck drivers that haul our ZFS soybean oil.

Container Trucks

Container trucks transport ZFS non-GMO soybean meal in 20 and 40-foot containers and also provide intermodal transportation to customers throughout the Midwest.

ZFS container truck storage silos background

Brokered Freight

The experienced freight brokers at Zeeland Freight Services use their industry contacts to match shippers with carriers throughout the Midwest, the Southeast and the Eastern Seaboard. Jill Caudill specializes in agricultural commodities, utilizing hoppers, pneumatics, end dumps, belts and walking floors, while Connie Flynn focuses on industrial materials, which primarily utilize end dumps.

Tanker Trucks

Darcey Wells

(616) 879-1777

Container Trucks

Jamie Nuvill

(616) 748-1833

Brokered Freight

Jill CaudillĀ 

(616) 879-1710